Our projects range from creating and organizing exhibitions to designing gallery spaces and show catalogs.

Chicago Design Milestones | July 2019 | 150 Media Stream, Chicago | Collaboration with Daria Tsoupikova and the Chicago Design Archive | Exhibition concept, creative direction, and catalog
Chicago Design Milestones visualizes the evolution of Chicago design by its examination and accentuation of historic characteristics of design works in the collection of the Chicago Design Archive over the last 10 decades.

What Comes After | Mar–Apr 2019 | Alcove Gallery, Chicago | Exhibition concept, exhibit design, and catalog
What Comes After is an exhibition featuring the remixing of prior works—works comprising mixes of images from various sources. Mixes upon mixes, this work reflects upon contemporary media culture and the act of appropriation. It is a manifestation of What Comes After Remix?, an essay by new media theorist Lev Manovich.

Outlying | Solo show | Jan–Feb 2019 | Seerveld Gallery, Palos Heights, IL | Exhibition concept, exhibit design, and all included works
Outlying represents investigation in two areas: outlying design form and design content. Examining form, the works lean outward from standard graphic design practice to areas that are uncommon or blend with other disciplines. Examining content, the works focus on design itself as subject matter. (See more.)

Database Narrative | Mar–Apr 2018 | Alcove Gallery, Chicago | Exhibition concept, exhibit design, and catalog

Due Influence | Mar–Apr 2017 | Alcove Gallery, Chicago | Exhibition concept, exhibit design, and catalog

Play: UIC Visual & Performing Arts Center | Gallery 400, Chicago | 2016 | Exhibit design and documentation book 
Collaboration with Zago Architecture and Sarah Blankenbaker