Crossover | 2019 | Publication concept and design
howcasing the photography of a designer, Crossover features the images of a cross-disciplinary practitioner as well as explores the restraints of an automated printing process and the series of serendipities it can yield. The images in Crossover can be viewed in three ways — one half of each image on separate spreads, and then as whole images when page folios are spread apart and reveal that each image crosses over the gutter area of the page layout. In the spirit of the exquisite corpse method, the spreads yield unexpected combinations of image pairs.

I See Pixels | 2019 | Exhibition catalog design

Extending the Narrative | STA Design Inspiration Weekend | 2019 | Programming theme and design

Next | STA Design Inspiration Weekend | 2018 | Programming theme and design

Dada Surrealism Futurism | 2018 | Exhibition catalog design
On the cover, the overall image of torn street posters is an attempt to represent the readymade and collage aspects of Dadaism. Simultaneously, the image of the eye is an attempt to represent the bizarre and Surrealism, and it is a nod towards Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí’s Un Chien Andalou. Representing Futurism, the type is set in a typeface that utilizes the latest in type design technology, specifically smart OpenType substitutions.

Xx | TypeCon Education Forum | 2018 | Programming themes and design

Counter! | TypeCon Education Forum | 2017 | Programming themes, typographic image and design
Counter! is counterpoint, encounter, recount, and counter-space.
Counterpoint: Course projects in typography and design featuring the subtextual or subversive. 
Encounter: Lectures describing the work and life of a special teacher or mentor, and how this person has been an influence. Who is this unsung or well-known hero? 
Recount: Thesis projects by current or recent students describing the process undertaken to acquire a thesis topic as well as the method of development of the thesis. 
Counter-space: Innovative teaching in typography and design. 
(Mentioned in Slanted.)

90 Years of The Society of Typographic Arts | 2017 | Documentation in book form | Created and edited with Wayne Stuetzer
In an event that took place in the 1920s, designers affiliated with the Chicago Chapter of AIGA held an unsanctioned, notoriously wild party on Lake Michigan. When the AIGA Board of Directors in New York learned of the incident, they disavowed the Chicago Chapter on the grounds of lack of control over members. The orphaned designers then gathered to form The Society of Typographic Arts (STA). The salacious start of this professional design organization foreshadowed events to come in their 90-year history, including a temporary switch to the name of American Center for Design as well as an infamous dumpster-diving incident to save archival work. These factual incidents, as well as significant works of design collected through the years, are detailed in this book created for the 90th anniversary of the STA.

Planned Unpredictability | STA Design Inspiration Weekend | 2017 | Programming theme and design

Dearly Discarded | STA Design Inspiration Weekend | 2016 | Programming theme and design
Some of the best works created didn’t reach an audience or total fruition. Perhaps these works were castoff ideas that fostered changes in creative direction and lead to alternative solutions. Perhaps these unpublished works remain to be some of the most beloved items in your repository. Share your vision of a work before any compromises were made. What were the merits, the perceived shortcomings, and the lessons learned? In retrospect, what would have been done differently, if anything? Discuss your beautiful misdirections as well as the incites gained to shed light on the design process.

Assemblages | Publication design
Assemblages is a chapbook by Marvin Tate. A performance poet, lyricist, published author, collected visual artist and educator, Tate combines spoken word and performance with other mediums, as well as juxtaposition with improvisation.