Advanced Design

In the Advanced Graphic Design course, taking place in the 1st year of the graduate program, 2nd semester, Sharon’s students create works investigating thesis topics and methodologies.

TypeSphere | Kaleb Dean, Nina Swiderski (collaborator) | UIC School of Design
Kaleb: Explores emblems of pride and the multicultural appropriation of goods and packaging. (See more.)

Pastiche | Nina Swiderski | UIC School of Design
Nina: Exploring design under globalization, the aim is to express the idea of cultural imitation or mixing.

GIF Cache | Nina Swiderski, Tahsin Hyder (collaborator) | UIC School of Design
Nina: Inspired by the phenomenon of GIF collecting and the seemingly nonsensical need to preserve digital elements from a young Internet, GIF Cache was created as a physical representation of a digital archive. Some of the earliest animated images were recreated in paper and re-animated using the technique of scanimation, bridging the analog-digital divide. (See more.)

Convergence | Tahsin Hyder | UIC School of Design

Handmade GIF | Tahsin Hyder, Emily Au (collaborator) | UIC School of DesignEmily Au | UIC School of Design
Emily: Explores the juxtaposition of opposing ideas: the handmade versus the computer-generated.

AA and Zeta | Alexandros Skouras | UIC School of Design
Explores letterform through the lens of data visualization and morphology.

Jessica Quattrini | UIC School of Design
Explores notions of whitewashing as well as digital glitching and information overload.

Denotation | Peiyang Lan | UIC School of Design
Peiyang: Denotation is a word always used with its counterpart, connotation. Denotation refers to the superficial or apparent meaning of a thing, while connotation refers to the hidden or underlying meaning. According to Roland Barthes in his writing on semiotics, a word can be attributed three layers of meaning: denotation, connotation, and myth.